About us

Roosisaar (Rose Island) is a peninsula located to the side of Võru town. You can get to Roosisaar by car by going around Lake Tamula and driving a few kilometres of forest roads or on foot using the longest suspension bridge in Estonia. The latter option is much faster than driving. Thousands of years ago Roosisaar was indeed an island that probably got its name for the many wild roses growing there at that time. Those who come by car to Roosisaar will first see several farms before getting to Kuningatalu. Pedestrians coming from Võru will first see a beautiful view of the lake and then a big bridge that will take you to the other side. Vahejõgi river starts
here connecting Lake Tamula to Lake Vagula.

On the other side of the bridge you will probably notice some big, old oak trees. This is the location of the ancient Tamula settlement (III-II thousand years B.C.) – the cradle of human settlement in Võru county. Tamula settlement was discovered by native resident Ida Kepnik who found an aurochs horn when she was looking for her ring that had fallen into the river. Later the oldest woman’s skull in Estonia and the biggest amount of amber of any settlement in Estonia were found here.

Kuningatalu is located right next to the settlement. The holiday home complex includes four houses, 2 tennis courts and a beautifully maintained environment. The road that starts from the bridge is ideal for riding bicycles or jogging.

The Kuningatalu (King’s Farm) Holiday Home is so named for a reason. Hostess Silja’s great aunt’s husband Kusta used to transport people from Võru town to Roosisaar in his boat and so they called him the island’s king.

In the 1950s the people of Roosisaar collected money and built a 90-metre-long wooden bridge that was used for more than 40 years. Only in the springtime, when the ice started moving and it was flooding, did people have to use boats. A new concrete bridge was built in 1998.

Kuningatalu is a great place to rest. The peace and quiet of the countryside and proximity to town (just 500 metres) are combined here.